Thursday, 27 August 2020

Sustainability Project

Hi, today we're gonna talk about what has been doing for this whole hurumanu and what has been fun so far or what we didn't like about this hurumanu. so I found hurumanu 2 interesting because I like talking about earth problems. So I made a game that related to sustainability and its about pollution. So here's the game that I just made, this game is about pollution, I chose pollution because I think it could save peoples lives and it could save our earth. This game could inspire people to help our earth to be better, and I hope this game is a good influence for young people.  


Sustainability is really interesting because I like hearing about earth problems and solving it in your own opinion or talk about what's the best way to fix that problem or what could we do to avoid it. For sustainability, We talked and learned about earth pollution because that's probably the common problem that is happening now, not just here but in other countries too. We also talked about environmental sustainability, social sustainability, economic sustainability, and sustainable sustainability, and also we made a slide about it.

The only subject that I didn't like was maths because I never liked maths and its boring. So we worked on statistics and I didn't like it that much because maths well never be my favorite subject. Design is probably the best thing so far that we did in the whole hurumanu. So we use tinker cad to design anything we want to design. So I decided to design a house but I just didn't finish it. 

Sustainability is probably the best hurumanu I've had this year because it's really fun and interesting, learning about earth problems or earth resources it such a good impact for young people like me and I learned a lot about it. So this is what we did for the whole hurumanu and also don't forget to check my game, I hope you like it!

Tuesday, 25 August 2020

Film Study/Filming

Today we just finished editing our video for film study I hope you guys like it. 

What was your film about? It's about basketball, we chose basketball because it's a fun thing to do and we know that we could enjoy playing basketball while filming.

Something I learned when making my film?  I learned how to communicate with my group and probably telling them. what to do so it wouldn't be that hard for them.

Some film techniques I included were? Some film we used the low angle shot to make the vid interesting to the audience, and we used a panorama angle shot to make the background a little bit bigger and beautiful.

Something I found challenging was? The most difficult thing I found is when my group doesn't listen to me and when they mocking around, it annoys so much.

What I do differently next time? Be ready to be a leader to my group, I think I'm not a good leader because I don't normally talk that much. 

Monday, 24 August 2020


 In the fast few weeks we've been making logos, and we've been going to this site called venngage where you can make a logos and put ideas in it. I find this option kinda hard because i'm  just new to this, so today we're all gonna blog about what we've learnt  and what have been fun so far to this option.

Wednesday, 5 August 2020

Saving the planet

                                   Earth Environment 

Environmental sustainability is responsible for interacting with the planet to maintain natural resources and avoid jeopardizing the ability for future generations to meet their needs.

A walk on the beach or a hike in the woods reminds us that our forests, coral reefs, and even our deserts act as examples of sustainable systems.

Introduction: The topic I chose is called Earth Environment, this topic is about people, the future, people's needs like, water, trees and it includes more such important things. So I'm gonna write an essay about the topic I chose. I'm going to describe them and tell them whatś the impact of or whatś the solution for this kind of topic.

Describe:The Earth Environment is just not about technology, it's about people and their needs or being green. Sustainability is about ability to meet the peoples needs. Earth environment includes important things such as water, trees, light, land, and air, it provides people's needs.

Impact: If we have enough resources that we need we have a high chance of having a better future. If we care about our environment we will have a better future. being responsible for our environment has a big impact on our earth, respect our place.

Solution: Implementing recycling habits into your daily life is one of the most effective ways to help lessen the landfill waste. Start using a reusable bag so we don't waste so many plastics every time we go to supermarkets. To save our earth one of the effective ways that we can do is save energy, water, reduce pollution, and slow down global warming.

Stop wasting things that we could still use, such as plastics, and we should start recycling plastics bags to lessen landfills. Nowadays some supermarkets use reusable shopping bags so we don't waste and pollute our community. This is one of the most effective ways to avoid pollution.

Conclusion: Saving the planet is a good thing for me because it could give us a better future and It has a huge impact on everyone, not just to people but to animals as well. Saving the planet could avoid human extinction and that's a good thing.

Tuesday, 21 July 2020



Chords-major-written in a major key, happy tone 
Minor-written in a minor key- sad/crepy tone 

Tempo-Fast-makes it energetic gives movement 
Slow-makes it feels lethargic, boring  

Dynamic-Loud (forte)-feels intense, shocking, builds emotion 
 -Quiet              (piano)-drawer in viewer focus, background 
Changes-quiet to loud-builds intensity/energy 
-Loud to quiet-drains intensity/energy. 
Feels-happy and calm.
Feels- sad, creepy, and calm.
Diagetic sound-sounds added to a film e.g music exp
non-diegetic sounds-sounds that occur naturally-wind in trees 

Opening scene 
minor-unsettled, creepy, insecure 
moderate/fast-gives energy, movement,
Changes dynamics often-focus, build intensity 

Mouse circus 
Chord- unsetting-creepy 
Tempo-Fast-furious, energetic 
Dynamics-Loud-happy, playful grabs attention 

Ghost children behind the mirror 
-chord-minor-tone, creepy, low-world well with ghost howls and scattering rats sounds.
-Tempo-Slow-moments where it picks up, lethargic, lazy, 
-Dynamics- swells loud, quiet-creates focus moments.

Tuesday, 30 June 2020

FIlm study

Atmosphere-feel, the energy around.
Mood-how you feel emotions. 
Location-Where something is happening.

Lightning: Natural-Produced in nature, often sun, moon, stars, lightning.
                 Artificial-man made light, usually electrical.
                Warm-Yellow makes you feel safe, warm.
                Cold-White/blue tone makes feel clean, clinical. 
               Bright-Fills room makes feel happy, safe. 
               Dull-fills part of space only, often creepy/ murky. 

Colour palette-predominant colours use in the scene. 
                      ( main)
Brainstorm: Colour/Lightning. 

What's happening-Coraline&her parents having in the red kitchen.
                              -They look depressed, dull, lifeless 
                                 -natural-from cloudy
                                 -Dark washed out, faded, muted.
                                -off whites, cream&yellows.

Effect on the viewer-Feels boring, don't want to be there.
Feel/think Boring, dull, lifeless..
Director purpose-Set the mood that the real world is bringing&empty.
-Makes the other world more appealing. 
 (Theme) Looks can be deceiving-is not actually a bad place to b.e 

Other techniques-costume-real parents in simple plain colours&fabrics in dull colours.
colourful, friendly-looking, lots of black/red more fashionable, comfy, warm.
Wha happening-Coraline&other parents having dinner in the other kitchen. 
Characters seem Vibrant&appearing. Good food offer!
Technique-Lightning-atrificial-ceiling lightbulb.
Warm- yellowish tone.
Dull-Parks of room still in shadow.
Colour-yellow/oranges/black palette. 
Warm-makes you feel safe/comfortable.

Affects on the viewer- Welcoming, colourful, joyful 
Director purpose-
(theme) looks can be deceiving-looks nice but in reality, it is unsafe.
Make Coraline  feel comfortable-huge improvement 
 in the real world.